Christopher Egan Galleries: A Celebration of Artistic Creativity and Resilience

October 31, 2023

For 30 years, Christopher Egan Galleries graced Lahaina with the enchantment of fine art, captivating the hearts and souls of art enthusiasts. With a splendid collection of fine art photography by the renowned Christopher Egan and an array of high-end crystal and bronze sculptures crafted by some of the world's top artists, the gallery was an artistic haven.

But tragedy struck on August 8 when Lahaina was ravaged by a devastating wildfire. The gallery, a cherished landmark, fell victim to the merciless flames. Yet, like a phoenix, Christopher Egan Galleries has risen from the ashes, proving that art’s resilience is as unyielding as the human spirit. Though the gallery in Lahaina may have been lost, the creative spirit remains very much alive.

The gallery's location in The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa is open and continues to welcome art connoisseurs and enthusiasts. It is a testament to Christopher Egan’s dedication to the art and the deep connection with the Maui community.

At their gallery in the Grand Wailea Resort lobby, you can immerse yourself in the world of fine art photography and marvel at original sculptures that are masterpieces in their own right. The artistic journey continues, and the beauty of Christopher Egan's work is an ever-present reminder of the enduring nature of art.

To explore their exceptional collection and learn more about Christopher Egan Galleries, visit their website at From Lahaina to Wailea, the artistry of Christopher Egan Galleries continues to shine brightly, bringing inspiration and beauty to the heart of Maui.


Christopher Egan Galleries

Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

3850 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea, HI 96753

Tel: 808-870-4556



Kamaaina discount: Inquire at gallery

Contact person:

Christopher Egan, Owner


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