Maui Haliʻa by Kristina Mekdeci: Artistry Inspired by Maui’s Essence

December 8, 2023

Nestled within the vibrant soul of Maui lies an artistic haven curated by Kristina Mekdeci – Maui Haliʻa. With a profound love for the island’s essence, Kristina pours her passion into crafting original art and an array of unique merchandise that encapsulates the spirit of Maui.

At the heart of Maui Haliʻa are Kristina’s creations – original artworks and printed microfiber towels, hats, beach totes, purses, and puzzles. What sets these pieces apart is their origin – they are all designed and painted by Kristina herself. “I draw inspiration from Maui, the art of surfing, and the breathtaking sunsets that grace this island,” she shares.

What makes these products truly exceptional is the infusion of Maui’s essence into every stroke and print. Kristina’s art reflects her deep connection with the island, capturing its beauty in vibrant colors and intricate designs.

For Kristina, Maui Nui holds a profound significance. Having taught at Lahainaluna, Baldwin, Kihei, and various other schools, and previously working at the Pioneer Inn in ‘97, her roots are deeply embedded in Maui’s history and culture. A seasoned surfer, she has ridden the waves at renowned spots like Shark Pit, Break Wall, The Harbor, and Launiupoko for years, further cementing her bond with the island.

To acquire Kristina’s unique creations, patrons can visit her at the Saturday Kahului SWAP Meet or browse her offerings online. Additionally, as a gesture of appreciation for the local community, Maui Haliʻa extends a kama‘aina special – a $5 discount on any purchase of $40 or more.

Discover the essence of Maui woven into art and merchandise by connecting with Kristina Mekdeci and exploring Maui Haliʻa. Immerse yourself in the island's beauty through Kristina's unique and heartfelt creations.


Maui Haliʻa by Kristina Mekdeci
Business Phone: 808-330-7339
Instagram: kristinamekdeci
Facebook: Kristina Mekdeci Art

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