Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies: A Recipe for Sweet Success

February 29, 2024

In the heart of Maui's scenic Upcountry, where the land is dotted by small farms, and hard work and dedication flourish, a story of sweet success unfolds. Over two decades ago, Jan Yokoyama embarked on a journey fueled by determination and passion, a journey that would transform her dreams into delicious reality and bring joy to taste buds far and wide.

Jan's entrepreneurial adventure began with humble roots in 1989 when she planted the seeds of Upcountry Flowers. Through dedication and perseverance, she nurtured her business into a thriving enterprise, sowing the seeds for her future endeavors. Fate smiled upon her in 2002 when she crossed paths with Ali‘i Chang, a kindred spirit and the visionary behind Ali‘i Kula Lavender. United by their shared values of hard work and a love for the land, they embarked on a delicious collaboration that would change the culinary landscape of Maui forever.

In 2003, Maui Upcountry Jams and Jellies was born, a testament to Jan’s unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. With determination as her secret ingredient, Jan dove headfirst into the art of crafting artisanal jams and jellies, each jar bursting with the flavors of Maui's abundant harvest. From sourcing the freshest local fruits to navigating the intricacies of food regulations, Jan poured her heart and soul into every jar, ensuring that each one carried a taste of her passion and dedication.

In Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies’ early days, Jan tirelessly built her business, expanding product offerings to supply jams and jellies for Ali‘i Kula Lavender farm and growing her customer base. With determination, she navigated complex regulations, even attending a Food Manufacturing and Processing class at the University of Hawai‘i. Her office shelves are now filled with thick spiral binders, a testament to her commitment to safety and quality.

Despite challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Maui wildfires, and the island’s ever-changing economic climate, Jan has persevered, supported by her devoted team and the abundance of local farms that continue to supply her with a wide variety of fruits. Over time, she began to grow her own fruit, but local farms remain a vital part of her supply line, ensuring a diverse array of flavors for her Hawai‘i customers and beyond.

Today, Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies thrives, a testament to Jan's hard work and the dedication of her team. Together, they produce an abundance of jams and jellies, delighting palates both near and far. Jan's entrepreneurial spirit transcends local boundaries; for over a decade, she has successfully exported her products to Japan, sharing the flavors of Maui's bounty with international audiences.

As you savor the flavors of Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies, you're not just enjoying a delicious treat – you're supporting a local entrepreneur who has poured her heart and soul into her business, bringing joy and sweetness to the world, one jar at a time.


Maui Upcountry Jams & Jellies
67 Lower Kimo Road, Kula, HI 96790
Phone: 808-878-8411

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