Hawaii Financial Services, LLC.

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Kama'aina First Deal

1 of Hawaii’s oldest small mtg businesses locally owned, by a local. I'm a wholesale mtg lender brokering to every bank lending in HI. Unlike all retail mtg companies who have higher overhead built into their rates, I save U 1000's in the cost of the rate, fee's & throughout the lifetime of ur mtg. Being 100% wholesale I'm in control of ea & every loan product, pricing comp plan & underwriters I submit ea cr package to are fighting for my business. I'm not limited to 1 set of rates & terms unlike all retail mtg co's who can only finance U in-house on their mtg products with 1 set of rates & having to deal with 1 set of underwriters. I work for U as opposed to all retail mortgage companies who are making a salary + benefits by law. I don’t get pd until your loan closes. I'm working 4 U!

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(808) 667-5626