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Kama'aina First Deal

The WikiWiki Solar Kama'aina discount is provided to show our appreciation toward our local Maui residents. Our discount varies and largely depends on the total system cost. We offer a minimum discount of $500, up to a maximum of 5% off the total system cost.

WikiWiki Solar & Electric is a Hawaii licensed C-13 electrical contractor providing solar energy system installations and electric services for residential and commercial customers on Maui since 2009. As leaders in the renewable energy industry, we have the expertise and experience to guide our customers to the perfect solar energy solution. The WikiWiki Solar "Quick Quote" feature provides a fast and hassle-free way to obtain essential solar system information. Our visitors can quickly get an estimate of the solar system size required to offset their electricity costs and understand the approximate cost of going solar.The WikiWiki Solar "Custom Quote" feature empowers our customers with a tailor-made solar solution that perfectly fits their unique property and energy needs.

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